MDS Denim Soul
Brand Identity

Pivoting to the international market through a coherent brand

Denim Soul MDS strives to make denim for the future. With the unique blend of Italian and Chinese influences, it creates the merging of culture and heritage. They believe that denim should be long lasting, and aims to continue to strive for better denim created with less resources.


The Challange

Being a new player in the denim and textile space, MDS lacked the brand presence and name recognition. They also wanted to target a completely different market, shifting from a Chinese domestic market, to the international market. This required a completely new brand positioning and personality.

Traditional Meets Modern

MDS aims to establish something new to an old industry, mixing Chinese traditional elements with European style, quality and craftsmanship. With the logo, we wanted to bring forth the brand’s modern and fashionable characteristics through the use of a clean and geometric shape of the letters. The dripping brush shape of the letter M is to highlight the Chinese background as well as the dyeing craftsmanship of the industry.

Colours of Youth & Denim

To demonstrate the brand’s indigo and youthful spirit, we suggested the use of blue and orange as the primary colour palette. To further showcase the of five core Souls of MDS: Inspiration, Impression, Tech, Dynamic and Eco Soul, we proposed using five secondary brand colours to represent each of the elements.

Personalised Icons To Highlight Fabric Features

In order to better identify the characteristics of the fabric, we worked with MDS to develop a tag system that will make use of stickers to differentiate the features of the fabric. MDS would be able to place these stickers with the denim features on the bottom of the hangtags. This allows customers to better understanding how the fabric stands out.

The Impact

With the lack of a distinct proposition, Inqova hopped on board to build and solidify the MDS brand through finding consistency across its website, brand media and marketing collaterals. Making adjustments to the tone of voice and producing coherent marketing. This helped MDS to get established in the international market, assisting in the pivot to a different market.

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MDS Denim Soul