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Content Production

Producing content that builds meaningful relationships

As a subsidiary of Prosperity Textiles, Stella Blu strives to become the go-to for innovative, novel and indigo fabrications, with an edge in R&D to develop new dyes and designs. They advocate for more sustainable blends, such as linen, hemp, and tencel.

The Challange

Stella Blu considers indigo innovation to be an integral part of their brand, so the focus when it comes to content production is to highlight indigo innovation in a capitative manner.

Seasonal Production Shoots

Content Production is a collaborative process with the Stella Blu team. We utilise product mood boards to stay up to date with the latest fabric information and to create meaningful visuals. By providing an end-to-end support model, location scouting, as well as post-production needs, we facilitate a smooth process from ideation to distribution.

Video & Graphic Design

We produced slow-motion, video series, campaigns that showcased Stella Blu’s denim against the beautiful Italian landscapes. Highlighting who their denim is made for — a young, vibrant and global audience. Additionally, we leveraged the right graphic tools, like typography to draw the eye of users and build upon Stella Blu’s brand. Strong typography laid over beautiful imagery can be eye-catching and communicate even more than one or the other alone.

Text / Copywriting

We developed a simple “content extraction program” that allows us to retrieve topics and questions that are of interest to Stella Blu’s audience of denim buyers and brands. The process involved a round of zoom interviews on a seasonal basis to understand the product development process and design development both in-house and across the industry. This generates high-quality content for website publishing, social media caption-writing and email marketing, differentiating Stella Blu from its competitors.

The Impact

Through consistently executing a strong brand experience across socials and the website, Stella Blu was able to produce quality content that encouraged more enquiries and overall growth. The integration of fresh copy coupled with strong visuals resulted in the presentation of a denim culture that drives brand appeal and optimises conversions.

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