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Generating business demand and sales leads through socials

As a subsidiary of Prosperity Textiles, Stella Blu strives to become the go-to for innovative, novel and indigo fabrications, with an edge in R&D to development new dyes and designs. They advocate for more sustainable blends, such as linen, hemp, and tencel.

The Challange

Building a brand from scratch comes with its own set of challenges, such as finding your audience and the right medium. The key challenge, however, was to strategically grow Stella Blu’s brand using organic methods. That meant identifying key performance indicators and maintaining a consistent brand experience across socials.

Channels: Instagram

On Instagram, Stella Blu has gained over 1,000 truly organic followers in as little as 7 months, which has resulted in quality sales leads from global denim and fashion brands and now several new customer accounts added with repeat sales. We continue to measure and compare all social media, email and website marketing results through key performance indicators.

Posting Strategy & Management

Our strategy with Instagram has been one of consistency, collaboration and creating content that people want to engage with. By using the right metrics, such as follower growth rate, engagement rate and URL click-through we were able to build and tweak social strategies using a data-driven process.

The Impact

Through a combination of digital strategy, creativity and performance indicators we were able to communicate and engage Stella Blu’s digital community. The results: securing over a thousand followers in the first quarter of launching a new brand.

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