Phase 1.1

Target Marketing Analysis

Identify the type of customer who will most likely buy your product by segmenting them into groups. Making meeting consumer needs and connecting with your target audience a lot more effective.

Phase 1.3

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand your customers inside-out - what questions they have, and the overview of their experience. Witness how your clients move through the sales funnel, and identify opportunities that drive growth.

Phase 1.4

Business Model Design

Identify your channels, costs, revenue streams by understanding the business model. Recognise your company’s capabilities and resources in order to create, market and deliver value to your clients.

Phase 1.5

Sales Funnel Engineering

Visualise your customer’s journey from awareness to conversion. Identify opportunities and optimise the design of the funnel to attract more customers.

Phase 1.6

Sales Strategy

Develop clear objectives for your sales, reach targets and forecast results to achieve effective revenue generation.

Phase 1.7

Marketing Strategy

Supporting digital transformation and company growth by developing a plan to execute your marketing efforts. Fully utilise your resources and put ideas into motion.

Phase 1.2

Brand Strategy

Become more recognisable and establish your voice and visual expression, to guide every way in which your communicate and interact with your customers.