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Advance Denim: AR App with 3D Jeans Models and Virtual Showroom

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Published in 2018

Created the first AR app in denim, allowing customers to preview fabrics and wash effects for immersive trade shows.
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Advance Denim, established in 1987, is the oldest denim mill in China. With over 1,100 employees, the company supplies premium denim to top global brands, reflecting its long-standing expertise and innovation in the industry.


Advance Denim sought to develop the first-ever AR app in the denim industry, enhancing customer engagement and showcasing their innovative fabrics in an immersive way. The app allows customers to preview new fabrics and toggle different wash effects, creating a unique experience for tradeshows and events.

We developed a marker-based AR app featuring 3D jeans models, enabling customers to visualise different wash effects.

The app also integrated a QR scanner, product library, and sample order functionalities, transforming it into a powerful sales tool.

A virtual showroom was created to present denim innovations, allowing users to explore products in a digital space.

This interactive experience supports sales efforts and demonstrates the potential of AR in transforming how textile companies showcase their products.

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