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Advance Denim: Brand Media Production & Collection Launch

Branding & Design

Published in 2018

Photo and video production in Amsterdam, creating brand media and collection launch assets with a 20-person team and Jean School models.
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Advance Denim, established in 1987, is the oldest denim mill in China. With over 1,100 employees, the company supplies premium denim to top global brands, reflecting its long-standing expertise and innovation in the industry.


Advance Denim needed a team with European contacts and denim industry expertise to produce a professional video and photo shoot.

Our agency, with roots in both Hong Kong and Europe, was uniquely positioned to bridge the understanding of Advance Denim’s Hong Kong/Chinese background and the European setting of Amsterdam.

Our dual expertise facilitated smooth project execution and effective cultural integration. The assets were created to visually represent the brand and support the upcoming collection launch at a trade show. This campaign style was unconventional for the textiles industry at the time, where most vendors and suppliers didn’t even have a website, let alone a dedicated photo and video production campaign.

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