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Bandicoot Imaging: Visual Identity, Website and Marketing Assets

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Published in 2023

Translating the company's mission into effective design and communication, balancing a modern, playful look with reliability for brand consistency.
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Bandicoot Imaging is a Sydney-based deep tech company specialising in enabling Digital Production Creation (DPC) and 3D workflows by providing accurate and scalable fabric digitisation solutions. Founded with the mission to transform the way fabrics and materials are captured and represented digitally, Bandicoot aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital materials to accelerate the adoption of DPC with 3D for textile products.


With INQOVA's extensive experience in the textiles industry and deep understanding of the challenges and inefficiencies in the design and product development process, we were able to translate Bandicoot Imaging's mission into effective design, language, and communication strategies.

As a technology startup, it was crucial for Bandicoot to present a modern, playful, yet trustworthy brand. Balancing a youthful, contemporary look while ensuring the brand stood out and was taken seriously was challenging. We successfully addressed this by creating a unique visual identity that captures both the innovation and reliability of the company.

We introduced this new visual identity and consistently applied it across Bandicoot's key communication channels and in-person events, ensuring their brand and communication materials effectively conveyed their positioning, value, and solutions.

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