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ChromeFree Leather Alliance: Timeless Identity for a Safer Leather Industry

Branding & Design

Published in 2021

Designed a timeless logo combining natural elements and the leather symbol, adaptable across mediums, to promote a chromium-free future in the leather industry.
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A hub for resources, education, and networking in the leather industry, promoting a chromium-free supply chain.



To create a timeless, approachable identity for CFLA that emphasises their mission to promote a chromium-free leather supply chain.


We conducted extensive research to craft an identity that embodies trust and champions leather education and circularity. The logo design combined natural elements (leaves, water, soil) with the universal leather symbol to represent a safe, environmentally friendly future. We chose green as the primary colour to reflect the Alliance's circular goals and used Sofia Pro, a geometric typeface, for its warmth and readability.

The visual identity was designed to be adaptable across various mediums, including print, website, and social media, ensuring consistency. Practical considerations, such as symbol size and word-mark legibility, were factored in to ensure the logo's effectiveness on product hang tags and in multiple languages.


The new identity for CFLA is approachable and aspirational, positioning the Alliance as a leader in promoting a chromium-free future in the leather industry.

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