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INDIKÒN: 3D Denim Fabric Digitization and Brand Identity Design

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Published in 2021

Digitised denim fabrics, designed INDIKÒN's brand identity, and applied it across digital platforms, enhancing industry communication and reducing supply chain waste.
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INDIKÒN is a service created by INQOVA to digitize denim fabrics, aiming to streamline the exchange of information across the denim supply chain. Acquired by Bandicoot Imaging Sciences in 2020, INDIKÒN continues to lead in digital denim innovation.


To develop a more efficient and sustainable method for exchanging denim fabric information, reducing delays and waste in the supply chain, especially during the pandemic.


We partnered with Bandicoot, a digital imaging company, to create high-definition 3D images of denim fabrics. The project involved naming and designing a brand identity for INDIKÒN, inspired by the Ancient Greek word for indigo, "indikòn." Our design emphasized the digital transformation of denim, pixel by pixel.


We developed a brand identity that reflects technology and future-oriented innovation. The visual language was applied across the website, social media, and PR materials. The branding effectively communicated INDIKÒN's ethos and raised awareness through press coverage in Fashion United, Sourcing Journal, and Simply Suzette.


INDIKÒN's branding materials successfully conveyed the brand's technological and dynamic nature, gaining significant press coverage and industry recognition.

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