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KAMOTEX: Developing a Recognisable Brand for a Tactical Wear Manufacturer

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Published in 2020

Developed brand identity . Created their first sales booklet, enhancing their presence in the tactical wear industry.
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Kamotex is a textile and apparel manufacturer based in China and the US, specializing in battle dress uniforms and protective gear for security, military, extreme sports, and airsoft enthusiasts.


Kamotex needed an identity that reflects the newness of the brand and the distinct features of the tactical wear industry, which includes specialized gear like battle dress uniforms, protective gear for security and military personnel, and equipment for extreme sports and airsoft enthusiasts.

We brainstormed and selected the name "Kamotex," combining "camouflage" and "textiles." The brand features a chameleon logo symbolizing adaptability, a black and orange color scheme for a modern, masculine vibe, and a camouflage pattern for authenticity. We chose a condensed typeface reminiscent of military stencils to reinforce the military brand personality.

Additionally, we designed their first sales booklet, showcasing the new branding to position Kamotex prominently in this specialized industry.

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