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MDS Denim Soul: New Branding, Transparent Website, and Dynamic Campaigns

Branding & Design

Published in 2019

Blended Italian and Chinese cultural elements into visual identities and branding. Developed a transparent website, documented production in Foshan, and captured dynamic campaign p
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Denim Soul, a denim mill in Foshan, China, and a subsidiary of Madasheng Group, blends Italian and Chinese cultural influences to create innovative denim fabrics for the future.


To highlight this cultural blend, we integrated traditional Chinese elements with vibrant Italian aesthetics. The logo features clean, geometric letters and a dripping brush shape 'M' to emphasize Chinese heritage and dyeing craftsmanship. The color palette of blue and orange represents the brand's indigo DNA and youthful spirit, with five secondary colors symbolizing MDS’s core Souls: Inspiration, Impression, Tech, Dynamic, and Eco Soul.

We developed a tag system with stickers to identify fabric characteristics, aiding customers in understanding the unique features of each denim piece. The website design aligns the company's uniqueness and modernity with a fresh, clean presentation, using a carousel layout on the homepage and smooth transitions between pages to reflect MDS’s commitment to transparency. Documenting the process involved traveling to Foshan City, China, to capture the factory life, founder, indigo master, and dyeing processes, telling the story of MDS’s meticulous craftsmanship. The campaign photos are extensively used on the website and in brochures, dynamically showcasing the fabrics and consistently reflecting the brand colors.

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