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Neela by Sapphire: Digital Platform, Marketing, and Video Production

Website & Digital

Published in 2021

Established digital presence with a website, social media, email marketing, brochures, and a company video, enhancing their accessibility and marketing activation.
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A young denim mill based in Lahore, Pakistan, and a subsidiary of Sapphire Group, one of Pakistan's largest companies.



Designed and built a full-scale website to serve as Neela's digital touchpoint. The website showcases denim concepts and fabrics, positioning Neela as an accessible mill for buyers and designers. Features include sample requests and pages highlighting their sustainability efforts and certifications.

Additionally, completed graphic design work across Neela's marketing channels (social and email), developed lead magnets and brochures, and created the storyboard and direction for the company video.


Created a comprehensive digital platform to present products online, allowing customers to view fabric collections anytime, anywhere. The website facilitates sample requests and highlights Neela’s sustainability. Enhanced marketing materials, including graphic design for social media and email, lead magnets, brochures, and a company video, reinforced the brand's story and outreach.

The new website and marketing efforts successfully established Neela’s digital presence, enhancing their marketing activation and making their fabric collections and brand story accessible globally.

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