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Panther Textiles: Fibre Technology EQUA Launch


Published in 2017

Developed custom photography and videography for EQUA technology, ensuring consistent brand recognition across brochures and hangtags.
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Since 1986, Panther Textiles Holding has produced premium denim, piece-dyed, and printed fabrics through its in-house spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, and printing facilities. Their vertical mill produces 5 million yards of denim, 4 million yards of piece-dyed fabric, and 1.5 million yards of printed fabric per month.

Tat Fung Textile Co. was later established to manage international business. Together, they employ over 3,800 people, with facilities in Kaiping, Guangdong, China.


We produced custom photography and videography for the launch of Panther Denim's EQUA technology.

These assets were used for brochures, hangtags, and the website, ensuring consistent brand recognition across both digital and offline marketing materials.

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