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The intelligent inventory management solution for manufacturers. SmartStock captures, analyses and utilises new insights to

Integrated barcode scanner

Securely scan product barcodes with staff's own mobile device, and capture data as people work.

Multiple locations

Keep accurate records of products going in and out of multiple stock locations. Track where products go and who's been moving them. Add and view action notes, and stay up to date on inventory with real-time updates.

Smart notifications

Decide how you want to manage your inventory and implement your decision with SmartStock. The system will send notifications when specific products are about to run out of stock, suggest replenishment schedules, automatically calculate long-term inventory levels, consider lead times, and give you full control over your own stock.

Online dashboard

Get the full picture of your inventory from anywhere. Advanced analytics to improve inventory management at multiple locations. Access management with tailored dashboards for staff, management, and executives.

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