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Tat Fung Textiles: Custom Website, Photoshoots & Marketing Assets

Website & Digital

Published in 2018

Delivered a custom website and seasonal photoshoots, creating an asset library that ensured consistent branding across marketing and sales channels.
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Tat Fung Textile, a subsidiary of Panther Textiles Holding, manages the growing international textile fabric business. Leveraging extensive industry experience, Tat Fung supplies top-quality denim and piece-dyed fabrics globally.

With offices in Europe, China, North America, and Southeast Asia, they ensure high standards, flexibility, and control across their vertical production facilities.


As the company expanded into international markets, they needed a strong physical and online presence to impress users and prospective customers.

We formed a long-term partnership, starting with designing and building a custom website tailored to their brand. Over the course of our collaboration, we conducted more than eight seasonal photoshoots, with an extensive team of creatives who understand the textiles market, to develop a comprehensive library of custom photography, videography, and graphic design assets.

These efforts ensured a cohesive and recognisable brand across their website, brochures, and other marketing activities, setting them apart in the denim industry.

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