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Winnitex: Visual Identity, Website and Marketing Activities

Branding & Design

Published in 2024

Strengthened online presence and modernised the company’s branding, improving engagement and visibility with American and European customers.
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Winnitex is the leading global manufacturer of high-quality woven textile fabrics, primarily engaged in fabric design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

As a family-found business, Winnitex began in 1964 in Hong Kong as a small commission dyeing factory with 50 employees. Today, Winnitex employs over 3,000 people globally, providing dyed woven fabrics to apparel, workwear and performance customers around the world.


Winnitex sought to enhance their online presence and modernize their visual identity to better serve their American and European customers. INQOVA revitalized their outdated website, updated their visual identity by refining the logo, and introduced a modern color palette and typography.

We also established a strong presence across key communication platforms, positioning Winnitex as a contemporary and accessible leader in the textile industry.

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