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Explore our diverse portfolio of projects and case studies showcasing how INQOVA has partnered with leading textile companies to drive innovation, enhance brand identity, and achieve remarkable results. From strategic marketing initiatives to comprehensive digital transformations, our work demonstrates our commitment to excellence and the tangible value we deliver to our clients. Dive into our success stories to see how we make a difference in the textile industry.

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Bandicoot Imaging: Visual Identity, Website and Marketing Assets
Home & Hospitality

Translating the company's mission into effective design and communication, balancing a modern, playful look with reliability for brand consistency.

Winnitex: Visual Identity, Website and Marketing Activities
Clothing & Apparel

Strengthened online presence and modernised the company’s branding, improving engagement and visibility with American and European customers.

Stella Blu: Marketing Media and Multi-Channel Management
Clothing & Apparel

We conducted 15+ photoshoots and various videos for seasonal collections. These assets were used across social media to support their marketing strategy.

Stella Blu: Custom Website and Core Brand Media Production
Clothing & Apparel

Developed a cohesive visual identity through a custom website and core brand media, ensuring the young denim mill stands out in the industry.

Panther Textiles: Fibre Technology EQUA Launch
Clothing & Apparel

Developed custom photography and videography for EQUA technology, ensuring consistent brand recognition across brochures and hangtags.

Panther Textiles: Website, Photography and Printed Brochures
Clothing & Apparel

We delivered a custom website and seasonal photoshoots, creating an asset library that ensured consistent branding across marketing and sales channels.

Tat Fung Textiles: Custom Website, Photoshoots & Marketing Assets
Clothing & Apparel

Delivered a custom website and seasonal photoshoots, creating an asset library that ensured consistent branding across marketing and sales channels.

Advance Denim: AR App with 3D Jeans Models and Virtual Showroom
Clothing & Apparel

Created the first AR app in denim, allowing customers to preview fabrics and wash effects for immersive trade shows.

Advance Denim: Brand Media Production & Collection Launch
Clothing & Apparel

Photo and video production in Amsterdam, creating brand media and collection launch assets with a 20-person team and Jean School models.

KAMOTEX: Developing a Recognisable Brand for a Tactical Wear Manufacturer
Clothing & Apparel

Developed brand identity . Created their first sales booklet, enhancing their presence in the tactical wear industry.

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